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Yogim derives from a combination of Yoga and Denim. Yoga is a highly respected body and mind improvement discipline which teaches us a lot. Its guiding principles inspire the denim industry and while some of them are already being followed, others are aspirational . Universality - Yoga stands for universality. It appeals from youngest to the oldest , removing any divisions of age, color, religion or place. Similarly denim has been always a universal clothing which has removed distinctions of age, color, caste, region and creeds. Comfort : Yoga is perhaps the most easy going and comfortable mind and body development routine . The ease and comfort at which yoga can be done adds a natural poise to it. To a large extent denim has been a garment of choice and poise. Always denoting comfort , it has replaced many a formal clothes in institutions worldwide and is a symbol of freedom and comfort. A very close connect indeed !

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Denimsandjeans 6th Edition

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Our Speakers From Previous Shows

Mr. Stefano Aldighieri

Former Creative Director - 7 for all Mankind
( USA )

Ms. Dilek Erik

( Turkey )

Ms. Danit Peleg

Creative Director

Mr. Bill Watson

Managing Director

Ms. Sara Fessler

RSL/Environmental Specialist

Mr. Giovanni Petrin

Denim Washing Expert
( Italy )

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Denimsandjeans Exhibition in Vietnam

Denimsandjeans Vietnam show is an initiative of Denimsandjeans.com - a website dedicated to the world denim industry since 2007. Founded by Sandeep Agarwal - who has been associated with denim since 1993- the website brings out the best in denim world - trends, analysis, reports on almost a daily basis for the service of the denim industry worldwide. The reports provided by Denimsandjeans.com over the last few years have been found quite useful by the industry players - designers, sourcing guys, mills, buyers etc. Taking the concept on getting the denim global players together at important soucing locations, Denimsandjeans Vietnam was launched and the first,second and third edition was held in 2016,2017 and 2018. And the Fourth edition was a big success held in June 2019.

Denimsandjeans.com has been organizing premium denim exhibitions and has been rated as one of the best Global Denim Exhibition. The company has organised four successfull editions till now, the first edition of our show was held in March 2014 in Bangladesh which set the new benchmarks for the denim exhibitions. The response was unprecedented and approx 1000 international visitors from different parts of globe attended this show.

The second edition of Denimsandjeans.com Vietnam was held in June 2017 in Vietnam where more than 45 exhibitors and 1800 International buyers participated. The show is still a talking point for every attendee because of its ambience and smooth execution.

First Edition : The first denim show by Denimsandjeans was held in Vietnam and it was the first such event there. The show, held at Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh City - the most premium location in Vietnam - was a very successful event .

Second Edition : The Second Denim Show in Vietnam - Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show was held on 7th and 8th June, 2017 at Vietnam.

Third Edition : The Third Denim Show in Vietnam - Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show was held on 27th and 28th June, 2018 at Vietnam.

Fourth Edition : The Fourth Denim Show in Vietnam - Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show was held on 12th and 13th June, 2018 at Vietnam.

Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show - 4th Edition - Success Story

The 4th edition of Denimsandjeans.com Vietnam was held on 12th and 13th June at Riverside Palace, HCMC, Vietnam. After the success of the 3rd Edition held in June 2018, we experienced a great show in the Fourth edition in June'19. The show was graced by presence of retailers and brands from around the world. We expect to surpass this performance in the second edition with the kind support of our esteemed exhibitors and visitors.

Why Denimsandjeans?

Denimsandjeans is a pioneer resource provider for the global denim industry. The website itself is visited by hundreds of thousands visitors globally and a large number of denim professionals are connected to us . This enables us to keep abreast of latest developments in the industry.Vist our other shows and blogs by clicking on below tabs.


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